Is it easy to find practical, simple, use-able recipes?

Sunday, January 3, 2010

You Found Us!

Welcome to Three Farm Chicks and a Recipe! We're so happy you found us here. We knew you would. Why, you ask? Because everyone is looking for what we have to share - easy, practical recipes that will make your time in the kitchen efficient and minimal.

Let me tell you how we got started. It's pretty profound. See, we were standing in my kitchen one Sunday afternoon washing dishes after our weekly Sunday dinner discussing the deep things in life such as what's on sale at the local market and the fact that my grandson, Jesse, knows how to write a capital J. Suddenly, Shannon blurts out -

"Why can't you find a cookbook with plain-jane, practical, do-able recipes?"

Our eyes grew as big as the mornin' pancakes we make, and we all chimed in together -

"Let's do it!!"

So, here we come, to meet your desperate need and help you feed your hungry family no matter if the family includes just one person (as it does in Bonnie's case) or 15 or more (as it does in Kathy's case)!

Send us your requests and we'll get the recipe you need posted asap! And, check back here often cuz we plan to be very active. Not only will we help keep your crew tummy-pleased; we will also keep your spirits up and laughter flowing.

Happy Eating!